Re-purpose old throw pillows with this fast, easy SLIP COVER PATTERN and tutorial.

Want to add a splash of vintage charm to a tired room? Have outdated pillows you're thinking of getting rid of, or replacing? Think again! With this easy D.I.Y. slip cover pattern and your old throw pillows, giving that room a face lift is easy, fun and inexpensive, and it can be done in one afternoon. (Why limit yourself to the boring colors and styles of pillows lining the store shelves? When you make your own, you can create exactly what you want! Go as vintage, foofy or cutesy as you like. You're in charge, so give it some farm girl attitude)!

To start, you'll need to choose coordinating fabrics. Try to find a minimum of three complimentary fabrics, some with larger print and some with smaller designs. For a vintage look, try mixing floral designs with stripes or checkers. (Check out this color scheme--Robin egg blue with red and white. Pretty darn sweet)!
Now for the how-to of it all:
(These slip covers should fit your typical-size throw pillows)

Step 1: Using fabric that's at least 37 inches wide (42 is typical, but you may have a remnant), fold lengthwise and measure 44 inches along the fold. Cut widthwise at the 44 inch mark, and along the fold. Now, you should have two pieces measuring 44 inches long by at least 18 1/2 inches wide. Don't worry if your pieces measure more than 18 1/2 inches widewise at this point. We'll trim them later. 
Step 2: Set one piece aside. Taking the other, turn and pin the ends for a 1-inch hem. Press and sew.
Step 3: Lay the hemmed piece right side up. Fold lengthwise to find the center and mark it with a pin or two. 

Step 4: Now open the piece back up. It should still be laying right side up. Fold the RIGHT end over to the marked center as shown. 

Now fold the LEFT side over to approximately the 2/3 mark. (The left side should be on top of the right side, which you've centered. This way, when turned, the opening will be centered at the back of the slip cover). 

Using your tape measure, keep adjusting the position of the folded over left side until the pillow cover measures 17 1/2 inches wide (the finished dimension from fold to fold).

Step 5: Pin the top raw edge of the pillow cover closed. Now measure the folds on both sides and mark them at 18 1/2 inches (the finished dimensions will be 17 1/2 inches after you sew the seams). Now trim any excess fabric from the 18 1/2 inch mark at the bottom raw edge, then pin this edge closed.

Step 6: Sew a 1/2 inch seam at both pinned edges. 

Now, guess what--You're done! You can turn the slip cover right side out and insert an old throw pillow. Tada! See how easy that was? Now crank up the music and keep going, starting with that second piece you cut earlier. Repeat this process with the other coordinated fabrics you chose. Pretty soon you'll have all the pillow covers you need to update that room! Happy sewing.

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl,

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."

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