Farm-fresh apron ideas: Give new life to vintage hostess aprons.

You know those cute vintage hostess aprons you see on Etsy or in antique stores? They're adorable aren't they. If you're like me, you've bought a few for your apron collection. But now what? Should you really wear them? Why not! Here's an idea: Layer a hostess apron over a slightly larger, color coordinated everyday apron and--presto! 

 Ta-da! Super cute. 

Look how sweet this little handkerchief apron looks over a purple gingham everyday apron.


Layering aprons is fun. I bought this handkerchief apron from an Etsy shop, and I found the purple apron at a second hand store. They look as delicious as a layer cake when they're stacked together, don't you agree? Spark any ideas of your own?

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl,

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."

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  1. Super cute idea! I had a lavendar hostess apron that I never did anything with and ended up giving to some one else. Wish I would have thought to layer :( But oh well, now I can look for a new one :)