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Look at him--so 
happy picking berries.
Little did he know
there was a MONSTER
spider licking it's chops
only inches from his

I'm going to EAT you!
My husband and I were picking blackberries on our property. Suddenly, we heard a growl. It was a ginormous black and yellow spider! (Okay, it didn't really growl, but look at the thing. It's huge!) We saw two of these beasts by the time we called it quits. They make this weird zipper thing in their webs. OMG, I hate spiders!

Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is? Is is dangerous?

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl (Gulp!)

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."


  1. I had no idea we shared the spider fears! For a moment I thought this was YOUR hand, and I was filled with admiration! That spider is HUGE! George may be brave, and he may be crazy...just don't know! Anyway, ICK....I do NOT know what it is, but I suspect it does growl, given enough agitation! (Shivering in my seat!)

  2. According to Wikipedia that's an Argiope Aurantia, also known as a Writing spider, no joke!! Haha Fitting I think, that you have Writing Spiders on your farm!


  3. It is a yellow argiope spider, also known as a zipper spider. It usually only bites in defense and the.venom isn't considered dangerous to humans

  4. We had spiders similar to that in Senegal only they were larger and we just called them banana spiders since they came out during rainy season and made webs on the banana trees...and my clothes line...and whatever else was around. HATED THEM!!!!

  5. How funny--Writing spiders (since my husband and I are writers). I wonder what the purpose of that zipper thing in their webs is. Makes me think of Charlotte, in "Charlotte's Web," writing words in her web to keep Wilber the pig from being slaughtered.

  6. Aww - I LOVE these spiders! They are a great way to help keep the bug population down in your garden! Beneficial bugs are an essential part of my sustainable and pesticide-free gardening. ;)

  7. Argiope Auratia, is the scientific name but people just call them Yellow garden spiders. The zipper looking structures help keep the webs from falling apart after lunch drops in :) They have some of the strongest webs of circular spinning spiders because they do these pillar type structures in thier webs. They are usually braced very well at the conection points as well. They eat bad bugs and are great to have in the garden.