Thank goodness it's Friday--I think...

It's good to be here. George, my hubby, one
Friday night--admiring the calm of the lake
as the sun sets. 
I experience a love-hate relationship with Fridays. 

I love Friday, because at some point we finally make it out of town and end up falling asleep to the music of frogs and crickets at our lake house. 

I hate Friday, because of the push it takes to get to the farm--finishing my to-do list in the office, running last minute errands in town, packing up food for the weekend, tying up all those pesky loose ends...but when we finally round the bend in the road and see our silver-blue lake shining under the setting sun...My husband and I both feel the strings of our busy city lives snap off our shoulders one by one. We enter another world. 

This weekend, I plan to bake bread again--something sweet and yummy--in preparation for a special post next week. Be watching for my first-time-baking-yeast-bread challenge for you farm girls feeling shy about working with yeast. I'm positive you'll love the fun and delicious satisfaction, so stay tuned! (Don't worry, anyone can join, even if you're not afraid of yeast.)

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl,

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."


  1. Wow! What a lovely picture of George. I'm so jealous of your lakeside retreat

    1. Thanks Molly. We're all about sharing the experience...soon.

  2. Can't wait to see the first time baking yeast bread challenge! Can I still participate even if I've done it before?

  3. Yes Sarah, anyone can join. It's about trying something new--maybe you haven't tried the recipe before--and about connecting with others: two farm girl values. I'm glad you'll be joining.