Best way to freeze strawberries for future use.

I'm so excited! Our little 4 X 6 berry patch is starting to kick out the berries. One week ago, I showed you the little bowl we picked for strawberry basil salad. Well, looky-here! 

For the next three weeks or so, we'll get bowl after bowl just like this, every couple days. So what I'm doing is freezing these beauties for future use. Here's the best way to do it: 

You wash and trim the berries, then set them in rows on cookie sheets, like in this picture. Now when they freeze, they won't all stick together in one solid rock--which makes it hard to work with them later. 

Slip them in the freezer for no more than one day. When the berries are frozen solid, store them in freezer bags. Now they wont all glob together. When we go to use them later, we'll be able to measure them and thaw them out quickly.

OKAY: I'm standing at the kitchen sink humming and trimming my berries, when my little friend Girly-Squirrel pops up to the window sill in front of me. 

I can't ignore her. If I don't feed her peanuts or seeds or something, she'll sit there STARING at me with her little squirrel hands pulled up to her chest and those sad little eyes making me feel super guilty--so I give her what I have on hand: raw sunflower seeds. I can't help it--I love squirrels! She very sweetly keeps me company while I finish trimming.

Anyway. I'm off to the lake house for the weekend. I'm going to try my hand at homemade bread and fresh churned butter. Can't wait!

I'll tell you how it goes next week. 

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl
"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."

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