SCRAP DOLL: Easy kid-friendly craft and homemade gift idea using fabric scraps.

Do you have piles of fabric scraps lying around?

Me too. That's why I thought this kid-friendly craft idea was so cool! It's a great way to put some of those scraps to use, while engaging with a child you care about. 

In my family, we've made a tradition of doing crafts together at Christmas time. In the spirit of simplifying the holidays, we opted for the old-fashioned Christmas experience. In that spirit, we always encouraged homemade gifts. (My kids are grown now, but I still like to carry on the tradition with my young nieces)!

This craft is very easy. It involves only cutting and assembly, no sewing. This cute little scrap doll reminds me of the corn husk dolls I remember reading about in Little House on the Prairie. (But I think this fabric version is way cuter)!

Okay. Since Christmas is just around the corner, we'd better hurry up and get started!

Remember Little House?
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Let's make a fabric scrap doll...


8 Fabric scraps cut into 2 x 10 inch pieces
1 Fabric scrap cut into a 2 x 2 inch square
1 Spool twine (like baker's twine)


Step 1: Cut 8 fabric scraps into 2 x 10 inch pieces. Fold each scrap length-wise so that each fold is 1/2 inch wide, meeting at the center.

Step 2: Fold the strips once more in half, length-wise. Use an iron to press each strip flat. (Kids should do this with an adult :-)

Step 3: Stack the pressed strips together and fold them in half like you're making a paper fan.

Step 4: Using the twine, wrap the folded end of the strips about an inch from the top and tie.

Step 5: Cut a scrap into a 2 x 2 inch piece. Fold each edge over about a 1/4 inch. Press each fold flat with the iron. 

Step 6: Fold the 2 inch square into a triangle, folded edges to the inside, and tie each end closed with the twine.

Step 7: Place the fabric triangle over the folded end of the fabric strips and tie in place around the "neck," leaving the ends of the triangle free to look like arms.

That's it! You're done. Adorable, right? This project is so simple, a child could make a little family of dolls to play with or give to another child as a gift. 

Wouldn't these look adorable using coordinating calicos, checks and stripes with baker's twine? I'm inspired, how about you? 

Let's chat: What are some ways you like to use fabric scraps? I hope you'll share in the comments below!

Until next time...

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl,

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."

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