Check out these WINTER WONDERLAND pics of our farm and lake!

Let it snow, let it snow, let snow! Several days ago, our area was hit by a snow storm and freezing temperatures like we haven't seen in years. 

I've mentioned before how they drain the lake in fall. All that runs through the lake bed in winter is a river and several little streams.

Each year, people like to build rock towers by this certain stream, and each year in the summer, the lake covers the towers again. Behind this artistic tower, the stream is starting to thaw after a bitter cold week.

Winter can be brutally cold, but look how lovely! See the texture of the snow? It has all these miniature ice formations on top. Very pretty. This is the same inlet that in summer is our favorite place to swim when the lake is full.

You'd think we'd feel disappointing to see the lake drained every year. We actually enjoy this. The lake bottom is an amazing place to explore. It becomes a wide open space filled with grassy glades and streams, agate beaches, and it has a deep blue river you can easily walk the banks of for a couple miles. You can be out there for hours and not see another person. A nature retreat right outside our door. 

Do you remember this picture of my husband last year? He's standing on the dock admiring the lake one early fall evening. Now look at the same dock in winter.

I've said they drain the lake: The truth is they mostly drain it, all but a small area next to the dam. (The lake is three miles long in the summer. It may look big here, but it isn't really). This area by the dam is frozen with a thick layer of ice. We threw two rocks to see if we could break the ice. The first one bounced off, and the second rock broke in two!

Up at the house and barn, our two well filtration systems froze and we had two pipes break. But for all the trouble winter weather can be, I still love it for it's tranquil beauty. 

These are deer prints traipsing across the snow-covered lawn. This view is from the house looking down toward our barn. If the snow had come on Christmas, you might think these were Santa's reindeer!

Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy Christmas,

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl,

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."

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