Spend time in the kitchen with Grammy--passing it on, generation to generation

What memories do you have of spending time with your grandma when you were growing up? 

I treasure the memories of being in the kitchen with Grammy. 

Time after time, she'd have my twin sister and me over on the weekend, give us each a bright little apron and set to work teaching us her tried-and-true kitchen tricks. 

Grammy taught us how to pluck the feathers off a chicken and cut it up to fry. She taught us how to make taffy, fudge, cookies, cakes and gingerbread men all from scratch. There's something savory about one generation passing on knowledge and wisdom to the younger generations. 

Whether you're young or old, why not plan a multi-generational bake-fest, jam making session, or bread-making day? Or you could get really brave and get yourself a whole chicken to pluck and fry, just to say you've done it at least once! (That meat in the neat plastic package at the store comes from somewhere, after all--it doesn't hurt to know from where.) 

And guess what else farm girls, a day with Mom and Grandma will leave behind a special benefit. Sweet memories. My own Grammy is 97 now. My memories of being with her in the kitchen are a priceless gift she chose to give me. Thank you, Grammy.

Joy--Fearless Farm Girl

"Farm girl: it's a verb, because it's what you do."


  1. Love baking in the kitchen with mah girlies

    1. Hi Carol,

      I don't have girls of my own, but I have five nieces! I enjoy baking with them often.

      Melody Joy, Farmgirl sister #5290